Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Do you call it ladies' fingers or okra?

I’ve heard it said somewhere that “Okra is the new Edamame

Well I don’t know about that... but I do know that Ladies' Fingers (which is called Okra here) = yumz!

One of the first meals we had when we first arrived in hubby’s house in KL was a simple ‘chap fan’ pack with sweet and sour pork and a plain stir-fried ladies fingers. That pretty much spurred the craving, and so during the first grocery shopping trip after we got back to Perth... I immediately grabbed a few handfuls of the vegetable labelled as “Okra – $10.99 per kg”.

We’ve had it twice so far – simple stir-fry style with garlic, dried shrimp and chilli.

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  1. yummy. I think I'll get a bunch of okra to fry too. We call it ladies fingers. Okra is American I think


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