Friday, July 31, 2009

For my tootsies

My footwear purchases during our recent holiday in Malaysia (and Singapore)... only six pairs, I would have bought more, but I knew I wouldn't have been able to fit more in our luggage with everything else we bought.

My favourite pair - hubby calls them my Audrey Hepburn shoes (Charles & Keith)

Classic croc pattern pumps (Charles & Keith)

My second favourite pair (Charles & Keith)

Clean white open-toed heels (Charles & Keith)

Patent black shoes with a little bling (URS)

More bling! (VOIR)


  1. i like the first pair. im guessing... charles and keith? and i think you should paint your toenails... green!

  2. They are my favourite pair too!!! Ohhhh, sammy's got taste! Yes, it's Charles & Keith... you were hanging around outside while I bought them weren't you? Oh I fotgot, you and MH were at the sports shop...

  3. I love the classic crocs pair ;)


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