Friday, July 17, 2009

'Must try' food in KK

Now on to KK... with my dear adorable parents

Allow me to share three incredible food finds which have recently been featured by Jason Yeoh on Astro AEC's 'Taste with Jason' show...

My dad is a fairly avid follower of the show and was very proud to introduce me to these three feature foods:

#1. Tuaran Mee - and not just any Tuaran mee... but we go back to the original founder of Tuaran Mee in the town of Tuaran itself, which is located about 25km to the North of KK city

However we thought that this Tuaran mee was a little bit soggy for our taste. In fact hubby still prefers the Tuaran mee in Damai (near my dad's office) which is has a fluffier and lighter texture.

A classic example of a successor overtaking its predecessor!

#2. Kelapa Panggang - somehow somebody came up with the bright idea of roasting whole coconuts over charcoal for an hour until they become charred black...

...And then serve it up as a steaming hot drink

Dad excited to try this unique drink... it still had the same familiar coconut water taste, but with a mild roasted coconut undertone. The coconut flesh was very soft and slipped off the sides of the coconut shell very easily

#3. Ngau Lam Kon-loh mi - beef brisket stewed to perfect tenderness and a soft slippery texture.

The mystery and uniqueness of this dish is how they manage to cook the beef to this silky soft texture... apparently this is a well guarded secret by the lau pan. The beef soup is served with kon-loh noodles which they made themselves.

Other dishes which were not mentioned on Astro AEC's 'Taste with Jason' but I think are definitely worth mentioning (and possibly worth attempting to cook myself) are...

Lobster grilled with cheese (Chinese style) - possibly a great BBQ idea!

Coconut water pudding - note that this is not the ordinary pudding made from santan, but made from the original pure coconut water and served up in the coconut shell itself... I can't tell you how good it tasted. This was definitely one of the highlight dishes for me. I savoured every bite and tried to analyse the taste so I can recreate it myself. I think it will make an amazing summer dessert for cell group refreshment! ^_^

Apparently the best char siew (and sau nyuk) in KK is actually in Foh Sang. The char siew definitely tasted amazing, but unfortunately the sau nyuk (which is said to be even better) had sold out by the time we got there at 12.15pm (testimony to how good it must be I guess). The meat was served with a special ginger rice which I really liked and would try my hand at recreating myself at home.

More photos of what we ate in KK here

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