Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Amazing Karang Guni Man

Early on Saturday morning, the second day of the big spring clean, hubs heard a noise outside. Peering through the upstairs window, he saw dark figure rumaging around inside the skip bin outside the house.

I got up to continue our cleaning work. As we walked outside with more loads of stuff to toss out, this spastic indian dude popped out and looked eagerly at the bundles we were carrying...

"Jangan buang ya, saya mau ambik!"

So we left the bundles by the skip bin for him to sort through which ons we wanted. Anything he found useful, he piled onto his little makeshift sidecar attached to an old scooter.

And thus we got acquainted with the Amazing 'Karang Guni'Man!

I had always heard of the 'Karang Guni' man but never met one myself. Apparently you don't have to look for him... he finds YOU.

You could almost class his guy as some kind of super hero... he patrols through the streets looking for 'treasure'. He has the strength of ten men, well at least one man and two ladies - it took all our effort (hubs, his sis and I) to heave an old washing machine up into the skip bin... but this guy managed to retrieve the whole thing all by himself and get it onto his scooter. And that scooter, boy it must be some magic vehicle! It was just amazing how much stuff he could fit on it... washing machine, microwave, some old furniture, and all sorts of other odds and ends.

It was such a comical sight to see him scooting off, balancing this huge load of stuff on his little sidecar... and calling out "jangan buang semua ya, saya balik lagi!" (don't throw it all, I'll be back!)

At the end of everything, he gave us his business card.

So if you ever need a 'Karang Guni' Man, let me know... I have his number!


  1. Does he have some special needs (like disability), that's why u call him "spastic"?

  2. Not really a disability, just trying to describe his general demeanour... he was very jumpy and energised. Bouncing and hopping around all the stuff and inside the bin


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