Saturday, June 13, 2009

A food post

I am aware that I've not updated this space for a while. Been stressed out a bit lately... not sure why, but I've just been feeling very tired and down recently. Also I must confess that Twitter has been a little bit absorbing... ^_^

Anyway, I thought I'd kickstart a new post with one about food... here's a couple of things I've experimented lately...

Homemade roti pratha. Will post up the recipe shortly. I think the homemade version is so much healthier as I can cut down on the amount of oil or ghee... and nothing serving up curries and sauces with hot, fluffy, rotis, fresh from the skillet.

And with the assistance of my trusty breadmaker... I made up these cinammon rolls. Super nice! Hot and fresh from baking, and I can be as generous as I want with the cinammon.

We were at our investment property the other day to inspect the place after the last tenant vacated. We discovered that the garden, although not the prettiest one, had already a few well established fruit bearing trees and plants: lemon, lime, and I believe a mandarin orange tree and possibly a grape vine... there were a couple of others which I wasn't sure what it was at all.

Here's the lemon tree

Plucked a couple of lemons... they're ours after all!

This is one of the plants which we were not sure what it was... could be watermelon? or maybe wintermelon?

Not even sure if they are ready to pluck... should we?

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