Monday, May 25, 2009


Sorry no update lately.

Just been feeling too sian to do anything much lately. Mornings are dreadful to wake up to... I just want to cuddle under the sheets all day away from the chilly air. Feeling so lethargic from the lack of sunshine.

Sun rises late so mornings are cold. Go to work. Work. By 5.30pm going home time, it's already dark and sun is gone.

Can't understand people who say they love winter. *shivers*


  1. Hot chocolate with Maltesers ...always worked for me. Well at least it's short and it doesn't snow :) Take care coz

  2. Winter is my fav season!!! Hate the heat when its too hot and everytime after work have to shower like twice lol due to so much sweating. I guess pasta must be ur food of choice nowadays with the cold. For me its been soup!:)


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