Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Dining in the sky

The year following the Igor's birthday surprise, I planned a dinner in the sky for hubby's next birthday...

A three course dinner in a cable car!

This is on the cable car ride from harbourfront to Sentosa
Each round they will serve you a new course, and you carry on in the ride... I think thyey arrange it so you get to sit in the cable for about four rounds - one for each course, and extra one just to relax and digest a bit.

This was the appetizer I think...

It wasn't the best meal from a culinary view, but overall it was quite nice... something different, I guess...

I recently read that Singapore is going to do a major overhaul of their Harbour Front cable car, which includes a new special Swarovski-encrusted VIP cabin!


  1. You really put a lot of thought and effort into your relationship with MH. I can take a leaf out of your page. Thanks for reminding me not to take our other half for granted. I've been planning restaurant dinners so many times it's become too predictable. Hugs Hui Min

  2. Well... some say predictability is a good sign of stability! *grin*

    *Hugs back*

  3. Meals in cable car! I'd always dream of three course meal in ferris wheel!


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