Sunday, April 05, 2009

Recapturing the 'us'

Breakfast is always a big weekend thing for me. This weekend hubby suddenly felt like going somewhere 'nice' for breakfast. So this morning we headed out to have breakfast before church.

We went to the same place where I had my last brunch date.

I had eggs royal this time (poached eggs on toast with holondaise sauce and smoked salmon on turkish bread) while hubby went all out with the big breakfast.

Weekends are so precious. There is always so much to do... house cleaning, gardening, grocery shopping and other such errands. But no matter how much we have to do, hubby and I always try to carve out some time over the weekend to pause and simply 'catch up' over breakfast or brunch.

Here we don't discuss work...

Or talk about problems...

Or things to do around the house...

But we start sharing plans... ideas... things that inspired us...

Here we recapture the 'us' in our relationship all over again.


  1. looks good huh ! millpoint cafe? is that the book cafe? or diff?

  2. opps forgot to say its me eu lynn

  3. Yes, that's the one. It's more like a bookshop with a cafe at the back, they don't seem to really let you take the books with you to read... they do have some magazines and newspapers, though.

    But is is very nice and cosy. The outdoor seating area is nice.

  4. Good point, though sometimes it's hard to arrive to definite conclusions

  5. Hi - I am definitely glad to discover this. cool job!


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