Thursday, April 09, 2009

May we have lots of chillies to come!

Our chilli plant is fruiting!!!

Hope it continues to thrive well on hubby's potent worm tea and grow big and strong so I can have lots and lots and lotssssss of chillies!!!

So mum, you can breath a sigh of relief that our little green charges are still alive... and thriving!

I hope our little chilli plant grows up big and strong. Hubby's next task will be to transplant it to the garden bed. (Hmmm... is it safe to transplant a plant while it's fruiting though???)


  1. Nothing can surpass the feeling of having your own greens in your own backyard. Congrats!

  2. Those chillies were fast! You'd barely moved in and did the yucky worm tea thing. They look nice and healthy. Well done you! (and The Man). Hui Min

  3. Yeeaa! I know!!! I didn't expect it to fruit this fast as well. I usually thought gardening was a slow arduous process which required a lot of waiting around... but it's not so bad after all (not that I'm doing much of the work anyway! hehehe...)

  4. It's in a pot so it wou;dnt get too much transplant shock.
    you may have to remove the chillies (to eat them!) though, just so that the chilli tree can expend more energy into getting used to being in the ground, grow new roots instead of chillies etc.


  5. WoW! Thanks for the tip Rebecca... makes so much sense actually. You are such an expert! Will Google those points you brought up to find out a bit more detail... but thanks so much for flagging those tips as a starting point. Good excuse to pluck those chillies too! ^_^


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