Thursday, April 16, 2009

The making of the dessert pizza

Last night we had pizza night at our place... a couple of the gals prepared the ingredients and toppings, and everyone gathered round our kitchen island to make their own pizza.

We mainly used pita flatbread for the individual pizza portions. But I also prepared a batch of homemade pizza dough using my breadmaker. We split the dough into two... one for a large savoury pizza, and the other we decided to attempt a dessert pizza!

All the gals just put our heads together to just whack whatever sweet ingredients we could think of that was available in my larder...

If you want to attempt it at home: we used Nutella as a chocolate base, topped with marshmallows, crushed nuts, banana, chocolate easter eggs, meringue pieces and chocolate wafer sticks... (gosh! I know it sounds sinful!)

Voila! Looks good hey? I think can lawan Little Caesar's gourmet dessert pizza man!


  1. looks like you gals overkilled it. but i would munch it down anyway. muahahah!

  2. Haaa... the secret is... don't stop to overanalyse... just whack it on!


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