Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hot babe vs. ratty t-shirt gal

Hot hot hot day today! 33°C. But this might one of the last few sunny weekends before the colder weather sets in :(

I wore my denim miniskirt out today as I hadn't worn it at all this whole summer... and this might be the last chance I get to. I even wore my jasmine flower accessory for an extra summer touch.

After we got home, I decided to be a bit cheeky to try and play the seducteress on hubs. I was wearing a mini skirt after all. Unfortunately, hubs said all he felt like doing then was taking a nap.

*ish* Celaka... ape ni? Kena rejected pula!

After pinching hubs for some attention a few times, I gave up and went to wash up.

I walked pass him a few minutes later in my ratty t-shirt, no make up, glasses and hair in pony-tail.

"Oi! You missed your chance with the hot babe, hon. Now too bad, you're just left with me"

*cuddle moment*

"That's ok, I like this one better anyway. And I feel more at home now!"

Celaka lagi. That was a good one.

Haha! Good comeback, hon. Well done, well done.


  1. omg... are you sharing ur xxx life online?! gross!

  2. Love your hair clip. Was just thinking this morning that I seem to live in ratty T-Shirts and shorts. Can't fit into hotbabe clothes anymore :(

  3. Thanks! I for one was just thinking how nice it would be if I could just waltz into work in my ratty (but v. comfy) t-shirt and shorts...

    (Sam... grow up please!)

  4. ooh i was so tempted to buy the flower accessory in gold coast! pretty pretty


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