Friday, April 10, 2009

The Bird Story

First day of the long weekend today! Sooooo nice man.

We went out to catch a movie with some of the youths today at Carousel (it took a loooong time, but finally they managed to make a reasonably all rounded decision to watch 'Paul Blart - Mall Cop'... I guess 'Confessions of a Shopaholic' is a bit too chick flicky for some guys to stomach).

I had a nostalgic moment today. We had picked up Jason along the way, and while we were turning into Leach Highway, he randomly pointed out a dead bird lying on the sidewalk.

It was a crow lying with it's legs in the air. Definitely dead.

And suddenly in that moment, I had a flashback...

I was about eleven or twelve. My bros and I were happily traipsing down the street one afternoon when we caught side of a bird hopping frantically by the road side.

"I think the bird must be injured or something, let's go nearer to see"

We approached the bird. It kept hopping away but didn't fly. After many attempts we finally managed to catch it. I had to climb down into the longkang to catch it and handed it up to my brother.

"Look a parrot!", Sam made the bird perch on his finger.

Unfortunately the bird used this as an escape opening and hopped off Sam's finger.

And even more unfortunately, my dog Snowball lost no time and immediately pounced on it, shaking the poor bird in its teeth.

You can probably imagine the screams, shouts and scrambling that ensued.

We quickly retrieved the bird after Snowball playfully tossed it aside, and rushed home to try and administer first aid.

The poor bird was badly injured with blood oozing out from wounds all over it's fragile brown body. We tried everything we could to try and save it... putting iodine (from mum's first aid kit) on it's wounds, applying bandages on it's wounds...

Eventually (as you probably guessed) the little brown bird died.

Although we were quite disappointed, we gave it the most decent burial we could. The nameless bird was placed in a shoebox and buried in the open field in front of our house.
Conclusion: As much as the three of us loved animals, none of us became vets (not implying anything, just stating a fact)


  1. from my memory i thought we managed to save the bird.
    it flew again!

  2. Different bird lar maybe. I remember the maid caught one very beautiful bird. Dad got a cage for it and we tried feeding it rice. Dunno what happened to that one in the end.


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