Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Bargain

I love reading.

And hubby? honestly... not really.

I'm so deprived of a reading buddy.

So we somehow stumbled on this little bargain together...

"Hey honey... why don't we read a book together?"

"Huh??? Read a book??? Together???"

"Yeah! Let's choose a book. A simple but good book. Let's both read it. And then after that just talk about it as we go through the book!"

"Mmmmmm..." (hubby ponders deeply)

"Pleeeeeeeeeeease... I think it'll be so nice to just share something I really enjoy with you"

"Well...maybe... if... if you share something I enjoy doing in return"

"Ya... why not! What you wanna do?"

"I want to set up a LAN so I we can play Warhammer together!"

So exciting!!! Now I just need to think of an appropriate book for this little project.


  1. lol lol lolll
    you're right, nobody reads nowadays

  2. Si, Suan and I are book fiends, you and Wan2 devour books from cover to end,both our moms read as well. Not sure about Min2 and Tau2 but since they're in uni at the very least they have to read their textbooks! Luckily my hubby reads as well, though we have such diverse interests we seem to have totally diff bookshelves. Hui Min


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