Sunday, March 15, 2009

A speck of dust

On Sunday we watched Louis Giglio's Indescribable

Indescribable - Louis Giglio

It was totally mind blowing and impressed upon me more deeply on the grandeur and majesty of our world and our God.

When I look up at the heavens to the stars... or when I look down at the palm of my hand... my naked eye alone cannot imagine the scale and the detail that exists beyond. With the most powerful telescope stretching to the farthest of the universe, all we see is only the tip of the iceberg. And with the most detailed microscope, we do not yet even know how smaller things go beyond electrons and the DNA.

It baffles my mind.

Yet in the eyes of the modern scientific, philosophical and psychological world... it all means nothing.

I recently read a book that detailed the intricacies of music and how our bodies and ears have been designed to process and appreciate this organised sound known as music. It was a great book. But disappointing to read the conclusion that reduced our appreciation of music as a mere instinctive biological reaction developed through the evolutionionary process.

I admit I don't have all the knowledge and expertise to analyse how everything in our world fits together... be it through some sort of evolutionary process or through involving some creative force.

What about the myriad of impulses in my mind and body displaying themselves as emotions... surely must mean something deeper... the depth of grief I feel, the immense joy of shared laughter with loved ones, the powerful love between a mother and child...

The fact that I can even wonder and ponder about it all... doesn't that say something?

But isn't it amazing? We are just a speck of dust in this big universe. Our whole world might fit on a flower just like in Horton's world.

You can also read about the personalised indescribable experience I put together as a surprise present for my hubby’s birthday here.


  1. Hey, yesterday's sermon also reminds me of Horton hears a who...but I think we are even smaller, like a pollen in the flower.

    No matter what though, God loves us because we are His - His creation, His children, His joy...sniff*Diana

  2. Thanks Diana. I take that you were sniffing through the message on Sunday as well? :)

  3. I was in awe from the beginning, then teared and tried to hold onto more tears when he showed us the picture of Jesus on the cross... in disbelief when he showed us the image on the nucleus of the Whirlpool, more sniffing and tears after that...still very overwhelmed till now...everything seems so small (problems, barriers etc) when I realised how BIG and MAJESTIC my God is. I have never felt like that before ... never ... this revelation overwhelms me so much that I can't explain it...IT IS INDESCRIBABLE...


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