Saturday, March 28, 2009

Music of the Night

This week, hubby took me out to enjoy the 'music of the night' at Phantom of the Opera musical.

Despite the tiredness from the long week, it was uplifting to sit back and soak in the powerful music, moving arias, and the fantastical costumes and set designs.

If you think this sort of thing isn't your cup of tea, I'd recommend that you think twice, because even if the music might seemed too 'chim' for your taste, I'd say just the costumes, lighting and stage effects alone are enough to captivate you throughout the performance (as it did for hubby).

Program booklet

Waiting for the show to start

My favourite piece from the performance is Raoul's and Christine's rooftop scene where they sang 'All I ask of you'

From the Phantom of the Opera movie

I rather liked Raoul's character (the guy singing 'All I Ask of You' with Christine in the clip above), he seemed to be quite a practical and positive guy... especially when contrasted to the main Phantom character. Phantom is quite overly melodramatic with all his mysterious 'listen to the music of the night', organ playing, victim syndrome and screaming about. It's no wonder Christine ended up being the nervous wreck she was. Good thing she had sensible Raoul to counter her paranoia by insisting that there be 'no more talk of darkness...'

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  1. I loved Phantom so much I watched it 3 times when I was in UK. I'd watch it in a jiffy again if it came to Msia or Spore. We share the same fav scene! (and song)


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