Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Always something new to discover

Recently discovered interesting things about my hubby:

#1. We were watching slumdog millionaire the other day, and during the scene where the game show host was asking Jamal the final question:

"In Alexander Dumas' book, 'The Three Musketeers', two of the musketeers are called Athos and Porthos. What was the name of the third Musketeer?"

I had no idea. Perhaps you do. But I was totally surprised when hubby nonchalantly answered: A - Aramis.

"Jamal you have just won yourself 20 million rupees!!!", said the game show host.

I whipped my head around to face hubby and exclaimed, "how did you know that???"

"Oh, didn't you know that the Three Musketeers was one of my favourite story books when I was a kid?"

#2. On Sunday during offering, the worship team was playing this familiar tune (in rock style)

Later I turned to hubby and casually asked him whether he heard that song before.

"Yeah, Canon in D. It's one of my favourite songs, I used to put it on repeat mode on my MP3 player on my computer all the time"

Always something new to discover.

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