Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lonely reader

So hubby and I were back at the library again to return the books we borrowed. Well at least I returned mine. Hubby needed to renew the loan of his two gardening books. I checked out two new books having finished the previous two I borrowed.

Okay, this is probably the boring part for many of you. But for the few who might be interested, here's a peek at these books I'm now reading...

The description behind the book tells that this is the story of a young carpenter named 'Jeshua' from Galilee. I think this book is meant to portray a different perspective of the Parables of Jesus - telling these stories through the eyes of 'Jeshua' himself. (Looking forward to reading this one!)

As you can see from the title - this book is about the story and science of the reading brain. Just started reading this one, and it's quite interesting (not at all boring and intellectual - I'm not that kind of reader), learning about the history and background of mankind's development of written language, the differences between the alphabet system, versus the Chinese pictoral characters system, and the Japanese/Korean 'syllabic' system... hmmm I know it sounds boring but I assure you it isn't!

I didn't tell you about the other book I borrowed last time, did I? It was seriously way cool!

It was sooooo interesting to learn about why some of us seem more inclined to certain types of music than others; looking at examples of some of the top chart music and what makes a song so popular with the masses; being amazed at the complexity to even a simple tune and how our brains can attune itself to weave the different components of sound together into a thing of beauty and pleasure.

I feel kinda lonely thinking that I have to feel excited for my new reads by myself. Because to be honest, there is hardly anyone I know nowadays who reads books for pleasure and enjoyment. But perhaps books are meant to belong to the reader's private world and can't really be talked about with other people. Or can they? If so, I can't say I've ever really been part of such an experience (except in secondary school during English literature class when we had to discuss our readings with our classmates - but I don't really count that as it was obligatory reading and sharing). But thinking about it a bit more... the range and genre of books is so wide, I suppose it's not always easy to find common ground even with other readers. I have to admit that I myself tend to shy away from certain types of books such as maybe books on cars, engines and sports? Nevertheless I think 'readers' seem to be becoming a dying breed.


  1. Most of us still read! Mom, Hui Si, Hui Suan, Leon and I are all (still) bookworms. I remember hiding in the toilet to read, and using a torchlight under the blanket cos my mom said we spent too much time reading story books. Now I don't have to hide anymore!

  2. Good to know that not everyone has crossed over to the dark side! ^_^


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