Saturday, February 28, 2009

Barbie memories

This morning on Saturday morning TV, this ad came on screen...

It was so reminiscent of my own childhood. Despite all the feminist protests against Barbie's unrealistic body image, I never perceived my Barbie doll that way. To me it was just a fun girlie toy to play 'house' with.

During my Barbie doll phase, I sectioned off a few levels of my bookshelves for my doll's house, which consisted of three levels (shelves) and furnished it as a complete home. Most of my Barbie's clothes were homemade ones which my mum helped to sew. I suspect she cunningly also used the opportunity to teach me how to sew myself!

My Barbie's home had frequent visitors from the tenants in the room next door - i.e. Ken doll, robots, action hero figurines and the hunky 'Ken' who sometimes came over for tea. Plus there were also weekly or bi-monthly visits from various girl playmates bringing their own Barbie dolls over to stay over at my Barbie's little home.

I hear of some mums today who have decided to 'ban' Barbie dolls from their daughters' play worlds. So I have to say this new Barbie ad is a very clever marketing ploy targeting the mums rather than the little girls.

I haven't decided yet what kind of mum I will be. In the meantime since I'm too old to play with Barbie dolls, all I can do is reminisce over those fun playtime afternoons, sitting cross legged on the floor, dressing up my Barbie for a party with all her other Barbie, robot, action hero friends.


  1. oh and dun forget your barbie sleepovers.

  2. ya... so many memories.... like Barbie's wedding. Did she marry Ken or 'giant robot'?


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