Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lo Hei, Lo Hei!!! Nien Nien You Yue!!!

Another reason and season to shout out and declare my favourite CNY greeting Nien Nien You Yue!!!

The pics above are of the O2 Youth CNY dinner and lo hei session at our house.

We also had a cell group dinner on Wednesday with HOMEMADE lo hei ingredients. Amazing right? We had two super-geng gals shop and prepare all the ingredients for us... tasted super yum and very authentic!

So Happy Chinese New Year everyone and wishing you a heartfelt blessing of Nien Nien You Yue in both meanings... that this year and every year will bring ever more abundance and blessing... and may every year, you have Ichtus - Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour as the source of grace and joy in every area of your life!

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