Sunday, January 11, 2009


So by popular demand, here is a glimpse of how our little baby worms are doing:

There they are... all happily wriggling and thriving on our vegetable and fruit scraps. Hubby has been doing some research and is planning to make some tweaks to their polystyrene box so we can harvest the worm tea (some kind of powderful fertilizer liquid produced by the worms which is so potent, it needs to be diluted with nine parts water before pouring on the plants).

Other updates on our garden activity:

We recently planted the 'pencil plants'... they'll soon grow taller to add an elegant touch (and as mum puts it, add some grace) to our home.

The bushy plants we took from Uncle Yu Chang's house have not died and are starting to flower. Live plants = Good.

The chilli plant we took from Aunty Alicia's garden, still green. And I believe it also holds true that Green = Good!

However the growth of the capsicum seed planted by mum has been a little stunted. It hasn't grown much larger than this size over the past few weeks, so I'm getting a little worried. Maybe it needs a good dose of worm tea.

We also planted some spring onions... I was just chopping some spring onions the other day and when I came to the root part, instead of tossing it into the worm food scrap box, I remarked to hubby that we should try planting them and see what happens. So he did! And this is the result so far...

Hubby has also started planning the layout of our vege patch.

Soon we can start the fun part of planning what to plant in which patch!


  1. Wow! Your garden patch is more organised than mine. keep it up. hope to taste the greens when I next visit

  2. hey Serene, plant some pandan leaves!! You can use them to make chicken rice, red/green bean soup, dumpling soup (tang yuan) etc etc....also I can get the pandan leaves from you to make the above!!! :) Diana

  3. Hahaha... I think the last part was the real intention right??? hehehe

  4. U r a very clever girl!! hehe. Oh, by the way, one of the mothers planted sweet potato leaves and it was a sucees because they thrive on their own.She gave us some and it goes well with ikan bilis noodles soup and stir fry. yummo!! She got the leaves from someone and then planted in her vegie patch and let nature takes its course. Diana


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