Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Can you get more random than this?

At cell group today while we were rounding up with our usual makan session, in the midst of the chitter chatter going on around me, I paused for moment in amusement and amazement as I realised the random topics being tossed about in conversation...

"So ya, I'm going through a detox this week... only fruits and vegetables... no meat..."

"Eh, I think last time the UWA Zone did something like that... no meat, only vegetables..."

"It was a 'Daniel Fast'... no meat, only fruit, veg, and no refined sugars..."

"They can eat nuts, but wah you should see the nuts they eat, super high class nuts man..."

"Nuts are very good for you..."

"Ya, peanuts are very good for you, I think..."

"No... not peanuts, very fattening... peanuts are the WORST kind of nuts, super high cholesterol one..."

"Ya, ya, ya... peanuts make your tummy have this extra large effect... you remember that guy last time, YC's housemate? He eats A LOT nuts you know, when you see him from the front, he looks normal, but from side profile, his stomach is like super bulging out one!"

"Peanuts are bad... but almonds are good... and hazelnuts I think... but not peanuts"

"Oh, oh, oh... do you guys remember last time when you were young, there's this snack, comes in red packet, got peanuts mix together with ikan bilis and other things... sticky and crunchy... oooooh, so nice man...."

"Red packet? Ikan bilis?"

"Ya, ya, ya!!! I remember... very yummy!"

"Huh? Red packet? Sticky and crunchy???"

"I love it... I wonder how it tastes with beer?"

"Is it the Sa Kae Ma snack?"

"No, not Sa Kae Ma... Sa Kae Ma is sweet... this one is salty but sweet as well"

"Haiya, I tell you what, when you go back to Malaysia, buy back some for us lar"

"I don't think they let you bring nuts in"

"I know they don't let you bring Bak Guah in"

"Why not???"

"Because it's pork"

"...Hmmmm.... I think it will taste very nice with beer...."

Please note that the above conversation is between more than two people (more than three or four people actually I dare say)

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