Sunday, January 25, 2009

Baking with just a click of a button

I just ticked an item off my wish list.

After much contemplation and some encouragement from various people (like my cousin Ashley), I decided to get a breadmaker.

It also helped that we had $150 store credit from our last big purchase.

Isn't it pretty?

I was eager to try out my new toy immediately. I decided to try and make a banana walnut bread.

Basic ingredients

Banana and walnuts

Throw ingredients together and with just a click of a button...

And three hours later...



  1. hey serene, the bread maker looks good huh ! did the bread turn out yummy?


  2. Quite yummy. But not as sweet as I'd hoped... I think I was too cautious with the sugar. Will let you know ht recipe once I have perfected it!

    Do you know any good bread recipes?

  3. oh u mean u can use any bread recipe? thats good huh !
    hmm.. i seldom make bread la. i made tea bread once la.

  4. Hi dear,
    This looks yummy! A reminder for you though; with all other recipes for baking,roasting or frying I reduce or omit sugar altogether. With most breads, you can't do that as the sugar 'feeds' the yeast and makes it rise properly. Will try your suggestions to have puff pastry with curry. It looks yummy! Do you always make curry from scratch?

  5. Thanks for the tip.

    And yes, do try the puff pastry with the curry... a but sinful, but very yummy!

    I don't make curry completely from scratch, but usually buy the mix spice packets. I've tried to make some simple curries which only require 3 or so types of spices. Anything requiring a wide myriad of spices gets a bit tricky.

  6. Possible item to add to Christmas wish list this year? ^_^


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