Saturday, December 27, 2008

Howl's sexy voice

Last night as I was channel surfing, I happened to flick to SBS when this anime film Howl's Moving Castle was playing.

The Movie Info described it as a film about a love story between a 18 year old girl who had a spell put on her turning her into an old woman, and a powerful wizard named Howl. Very bare details, but intriguing nevertheless.

After a few minutes of non-commital and nonchalant viewing, I thought it seemed pretty cute... and since I was on holiday, might as well give myself a treat to stay up and watch it.

Within 15 minutes, I was totally hooked. It is SUCH a good film. I'm not really into anime, but this is such a clever cute little movie. The theme of the movie revolves around magic and wizardry... and it's also a very sweet love story.

When the credits started rolling at the end, I was so sad that it had to end (I know it eventually had to... but not so soon).

And here's another funny thing:

When I was watching the movie, I thought the voice playing the character of Howl was incredibly sultry and sexy (you watch the movie first before you laugh at me!). And I kept trying to figure out which actor could be playing the voice.

Was it Keanu Reeves? He does try to put on that husky voice, but he's not a very good actor... so I didn't think it could be Keanu Reeves... who? who? who??? Sounds sooooo familiar.... I KNOW that voice...

So this morning, I did some Googling to solve the mystery.

Guess who's voice is it??? (I was so pleased to find out who it was!)

OMG!!! I know I'm already an old married woman, but till today I still go completely juvenile over Christian Bale. You can see what a fan I am, although I didn’t see his face, just his voice alone is enough to intrigue me.

But the movie itself is very good. If you're looking for something different and fun to watch (sometimes you can be just not in the mood to watch another mind boggling, emotionally draining or blood gory movie)... watch Howl's Moving Castle. I think many of you will like it.

Here's the trailer to peak your interest a bit more...

I've been pestering hubby all day to get the full movie for me.

If you're still laughing at me about Howl's sexy voice, watch for yourself

Howl is the third man on the scene, wearing the cloak (rescuing the girl from those soldiers)

Please ignore the subtitles in the clip.


  1. i love Hayao Miyazaki films!!!


  2. I like this one...but i have to was a little weird at times...but visually it was stunning


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