Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dear Santa...

So now as we are getting settled into our new house... the number one questions we get asked are:

#1. So when is your housewarming???


#2. What else are you getting for your new house?

In response to #1... if you've come up to ask me, you would know my answer already! :)

In response to #2... I usually say something along the lines of "dunno lar..." or "too many things!". But after some pondering and since it's the Christmas season ^_^ here is a working list of 'little' extras I'm looking out for our house:

A Toaster - so I can enjoy my home-made version of yakun kaya toast!

A Cake Mixer - to give hubby's arm a rest from helping me to cream butter and sugar

A Breadmaker - to make homemade bread to toast in my toaster

Because hubby refuses to set up his own blog... he's stealing some of my online space to post his wish list: A HiFi CD player (so he can prove that his integrated house speaker system works)

Also from hubby's wish list: A Barbecue set - so he can use his outdoor gas outlet (and so he can cook dinner for me)

Hmmmm... standard getting a bit high there, let's tone it down a bit...


Jamie Oliver Flavour Shaker (something cool I always wanted in my kitchen)

Jelly Belly 40 - I've been hunting around for this for ages to no avail...... so cute hor?

Realness of Concealness from Benefit cosmetics... been uhm-ing and aah-ing getting this as my Christmas present for a looong while.....hmmmm... should I???


  1. Get the breadmaker! I thought for ages before getting mine (esp along the lines of "how often would I use it...") but it's been used every other day since I bought it. Not just bread; pasta dough (ravioli!), pizza bases, bun doughs for your own fillings and lots of diff extras for your breads; nuts and grains, herbs, sundried tomatoes, kei chi, etc

  2. Sounds yummy!

    Okay...if/when I get it, do share those recipes!


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