Sunday, November 16, 2008


Soooo... the time has finally come for us to MOVE!!!

And in the same spirit of DIY, we decided to apply the same principle here as well.

So we hired a big 3-tonne truck...

And with the help of some friends...

(pic above: the kelefeh)

We loaded it up...

(Above: Siang providing his 'expert' consultation on how best to position the cargo)

And unloaded it at our new home...

So we are now living in a world of cardboard boxes and disparate furniture pieces...

So now I leave you to rummage through my boxes for the shampoo so I can take a shower!

P.S. Thanks to everyone who helped us out with our moving... hope you guys enjoyed the nandos and cold beer!!!


  1. Congratulations dear! yours house looks very nice :) I want ONE

  2. Thanks dear! ^_^

    Ask Tim to build you one next time when you've settled in Australia...

  3. How can he build me a house when he refuses to build me a garden? I have been asking to make gardening his hobby and he keeps refusing!


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