Monday, November 10, 2008

Glimpse into our almost finished home

Entrance hallway


Master Ensuite


We're aiming to move in by this weekend. Lots of packing to do to get there! But very excited :)


  1. WOW that is one nice home!!! it didnt even take that long eh.and wow the place is huge! how many sq feet is it? and the master ensuite.....good thinking! no waiting for hubby to finish with the sink huh! and home theater room ahhhhhhhhhh (homer)...jam session and nintendo wii ok lol. cant wait to see u furnish it! congrats and happy moving!!!

  2. Thanks Justin. It's about 300 sq metres (not sure how many feet that translates to)

    And yes, no more hogging the sink in the mornings to brush our teeth... hehehehe...

    The home theatre is Meng How's zone. I think he has big plans for it *wink* so we shall see...

  3. Congratulations! Really impressed by how disciplined and well organised you and hubby were. Enjoyed reading the updates of your home building.It looks really nice.

  4. thanks ash! there's still a lot to do, but we'll get there bit by bit


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