Monday, November 17, 2008

Church Together and the problem with big handbags

Yesterday, on Sunday evening, hubby and I took a break from moving and unpacking and joined a few other friends from church at Church Together... an annual combined church event at the Perth Supreme Court Gardens.

The weather was just perfect... what an amazing setting to have praise & worship with the big blue dome of sky above us...

God provided the special effects, framing the stage with a beautiful sunset sky...

The event ended at 10pm and as we pulled out of the carpark onto the street, I rummaged around in my handbag for my phone to check for any messages... *scramble scramble*... where was it??? I started to get quite agitated (hubby was probably a little agitated too although he didn't show it much, the dear man, but he made a wrong turning and missed the freeway exit)... I grabbed hubby's phone and tried to call my phone... "...the phone number you are trying to call is currently switched off..."

AAAARRRRGHHHHH!!! I was imagining the worst... new company phone some more

"Are you sure it's not there... have you checked all the pockets", said hubby (trying to stay calm I think)

I started pulling all sorts of rubbish from my bag... and then... *phew* there it was tucked away right at the bottom of my handbag...

*Huge sigh of relief*... my heart started beating again...

I guess that's the problem with big handbags, can never find anything in them.

P.S. And I think when I tried calling my phone, we were in a tunnel and lost signal actually (ya I know... kanchiong lar)

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