Tuesday, October 28, 2008

DIY people

Sorry for the sparse updates. lots of photos to share but lately only been able to blog from my mobile.

We've been pretty much fully occupied over the last couple of weeks painting our new house. Its all coming together nicely. Tiling is done, carpet and wood selections made. I have a nifty little scrapbook where I keep track of all my paint chips, colour samples, magazine clippings etc. Painting has been quite fun actually. We listen to sermon recordings as we paint and work through each room methodically. We've finished the first sealer coat throughout the whole house and finished two rooms already.

Right now I'm waiting for hubby to pick me up to go to the house so we can put the finishing touches to the home theatre. After that we'll start on the kitchen/living area. So exciting!


  1. Oh I love painting walls..so therapeutic. haha

  2. definitely stick to the theme of the wall. blue carpet much better:)


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