Friday, September 05, 2008

Trudging on

My weekend started 2 hours later than it should. *Sigh*

After a loooooong day, I finally left the office at close to 8pm, because I had to spend extra time checking and redoing a junior's work.

Ever get the feeling that juniors nowadays seem to be slower to catch on? i.e. Does this thought every cross your mind: "Was I ever really that slow and stupid when I first started???"

So... who's ever had to deal with having their precious data 'accidentally' deleted, having to reexplain instructions several times because someone still doesn't 'get it', and discovering obviously careless mistakes in data entry, and having to clean up someone's untidy and inconsistent work.

*meekly puts hand up*

I tell myself that I need to lower my expectations... give the new guy a break.

But what if lowering my expectations means I have to shoulder more of the burden instead? You expect someone to share the load, but if they cannot handle it, someone still has to carry the load... and you look beside you and there's no one else to help. So you're forced to trudge bravely forward alone.

...and stay back late at work.

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