Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The Boss recently reproached me for submitting a taxi claim which had a 7.45 time stamp instead of 8.00pm. When I tried to withdraw the claim, in the end he made a big show of being benevolent in granting me the claim.

What could I say? By now, I couldn't remember when, how or why that overtime taxi travel had occurred.

But over the past couple of months since I took a few days off for my miscarriage, I realised that I have been slogging a lot. And under the circumstance of morning after morning of coming in extra early for US conference calls... and night after night of working and slogging till late... and day after day of skipping lunches......... don't you think making a big deal or putting a guilt trip over 15 minutes is really adding fresh coal to the fire?

Okay, soooo......... even though I was at work since 7.00am that morning, skipped my lunch to meet a deadline, had to stay back to clean up messed up data, missed all the buses home.......... and by 7.45pm when I am completely drained and flat out......... still need wait another 15 minutes just so to go home and rest a few hours before the whole cycle starts again the next day.

I already know what my dad will say: "If you were a boss, you will have a different perspective"

Yeah... but what about seeing it from the hardworking, sacrificial, faithful employee's perspective for a change?


  1. Somehow despite the dark eye bags, it feels comforting to have this acknowledgement from the other side of the world.


  2. I wouldn't be so petty about such issues. I'm a humane boss. You need to confront him nicely but assertively on such issues. Sometimes the boss does not 'see' things as they are caught up in other matters and take their employees for granted.

  3. o2 youth's blog has returned... plz visit when ur free :D

    O2 Youth

  4. You can't change how others see or do things. The only person you can change is yourself. But that doesn't mean you have to take everything lying down. Auntie is absolutely right. State the facts. Never whine in the office, and learn to say no once in a while.


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