Friday, September 12, 2008

Is work going too far?

This week was slightly better than last week. Not because the work was any lighter or easier... but just other good news and perks (which I'll share later).

Gonna be a busy weekend with a full on wedding happening tomorrow. There is so much personal preparation that needs to be done. But unfortunately due to work, none of it has been achieved so far.

The Dress
I think I've pretty much maxed out my existing wardrobe. Problem is that the weddings I've been attending are all among the same circle of people. So I planned to go down to Carousel on Thursday to see if I can pick out something nice. But work got in the way, so I lost a lot of precious time. By the time I got to carousel, I had less than an hour to shop. And by the time I found something I liked, it was almost 9pm. Took me a another few minutes to try it on, check if it was available in my size... by then, they were closing shop and literally chased us out!

The Hair
I kept putting off booking in an appointment to get my hair cut because there were just no free slots in my diary over the past couple of weeks. Finally out of desperation I managed to squeeze in a half an hour slot on Friday at 6pm sharp (very last minute, I know). But by the time I managed to tear myself away from the office it was already 6pm. Called hairdresser to say I was running late, but in the end had to let the appointment go because she couldn't wait any longer.
*Geram lagi*

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