Saturday, September 13, 2008

Close shave!

The tone of my previous post seemed like very 'drama' like that.

Well, with some creative efforts, I managed to resolve those two dilemmas (although I do not want to resort to these last minute fixes on a regular basis... too close a shave!)

1. Haircut
Demi, our hairstylist who was also doing the bride's hair, came up with the bright idea that we should crash the bridal party's morning preparations, and she can squeeze in a slot to cut my hair right after she finishes with the bride. Felt a bit paiseh lar, but she assured us it would be ok. I thought I could sneak it and get it done discretely... but it's impossible to get a discrete moment in the midst of 'girlie heaven' bridal preparations. But I weathered the storm through the make-up, hairspray, lace, satin, camera flashes... and survived to chop off two inches of my hair.

2. Dress
On Friday, I scarificed my lunch hour to drop by Myer City to see if I could find the same dress in my size. They had the same dress, but not im my size. But thankfully, I managed to get them to call another Myer outlet to request for the dress in my size and put in on hold for me. So right after the morning ceremony, I went back to Carousel to pick up the dress! Last one in my size, man!!! Close shave indeed. Plus it was 25% off... a bonus! Hubby close one eye at the price tag and manfully signed the credit card slip.

The other thing which I had wanted to get was some new make up. I was running out of my favourite lipstick and blusher... but that was lower in priority so I didn't even allocate any time to shop for any make up items.

But thank God for nice clients! One of my clients sent me a nice package with some of their product samples... (for research purposes of course!)


  1. In any promotion, there'll bound to be some trade-offs. Some sacrifices have to be made. I too learn to squeeze in between time for these little luxuries. Now I've learnt to maximise my time in KL. Facials, massages, shopping.....

  2. With the little time you have, you managed to look gorgeous last night!! I really like the dress you wore and the pendant as well. Goes very well altogether, plus the freshly trimmed hair! Well done!! Diana


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