Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Camera

Blogged on Saturday evening, 7pm

I am sitting in the dark in the car waiting for hubby.We are late for tonight's dinner. But hubby urgently needs to settle something at work. Trying to blog on my mobile... probably will take some getting used to. Was feeling upset at hubby. We had one of little tiff just now over him (or me) forgetting to bring the camera (depends which way you look at it I guess...) *sigh*

I know there will be an abundance of other cameras at the dinner later, all capturing images of tonight's events. But I always feel better having my own camera in hand, because that way I will be absolutely certain that the photos taken will be in my keep. Which is why I felt so annoyed. I suppose we can always tumpang other people's camera. But the problem is that you can't be certain when they will actually send across the promised photos (i know I myself have been guilty of the same crime).

So as eager as you all must be to see pics of my new dress which I went through so much to get, I'm afraid it must wait until a kind soul passes us the pics.

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