Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lock up!

Recently when we went down to see our house, we discovered that it was already in the lock-up stage... oh no! Hubby circled the perimeter to see if there was an outlet in... but everything was securely locked up! Which is good of course. At least we know the builders are taking responsible to ensure that the house and contents are safe and secure.

But how were we to get inside to have a peek at the latest developments???

Well, it was then discovered that I proved to be a useful 'tool' at this stage. With my small hands and wrists, I was able to squeeze my hand through the knob hole and unlock the door.

Now you see what I have to endure!

But it was great to see the progress they've been making. They've started installing the fittings and appliances in. So the bathroom sinks and taps are in, as well as the kitchen appliances.

And of course my beautiful corian kitchen benchtop!

This is me having a moment imagining myself using my new kitchen...

Some close ups of the new appliances and fittings installed around the house:


  1. so thin! i think it's my first time seeing people with wrists tiny enough to do what you did!

  2. Maybe the door knobs are bigger in Australia??? ^_^

  3. Hi Serene and MH! :)

    I love your brown doors! :) It looks like a beautiful home! with plenty of hours of fun baking, cooking and entertaining! :)

  4. Thanks Liz... yeah, definitely looking forward to the spacious airy kitchen!


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