Sunday, August 31, 2008

I guess it's worth it

Saturday morning, I was forced to drag my sleepy and tired self out of bed at 7.15am (Aaarrrrghhhh!!! Saturdays are meant for sleeping in!!!!!!). Culprit??? No one else but by my dear hubby.


Answer: Canning Vale Markets.

So half an hour later I found myself walking in the slightly chilly air toward the entrance of the fruit and veg warehouse of the markets.

Aaahhh... haven't been here in a while. But things are still the same. Surrounded by black haired folks in the mad scramble for the most unspoilt piece of melon, cabbage heads, carton of apples etc. etc. etc.

Because of the tremendously cheap price, we ALSO left the place with some fresh produce:- rockmelons, leafy chinese greens, garlic and cabbages... which we split amongst ourselves and hubby's colleagues who were with us.

After that we proceeded to the fish markets. I had never been inside this section before, so this was something new! There I was armed with plastic gloves, perusing and pressing fish for quality and freshness. We ended up buying two MASSIVELY ENORMOUS fish... trout and salom, each weighing about 4kg each and measuring about 60cm!!! I should have taken a photo of the fish then, but my hands were very slimy and fishy, and by the time I got cleaned up, we had already taken the fish behind to get it cut up to share with hubby's colleagues (definitely impossible for one family to finish everything themselves!)

I cooked the first batch on Sunday night. Baked salmon. Didn't need to add any extra seasoning and the fish tasted so buttery and succulent. *mouth watering*

I also bought about 700g of fresh prawns. Haven't decided yet how to cook them, but they should taste lovely!

So although I had to sacrifice my usual Saturday morning sleep in... I guess it was worth it!

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