Thursday, August 28, 2008

How to agree to disagree?

I think am generally a very safe and cautious person. Particularly when it comes to emotions and personal weaknesses (which I rarely share). Most people are I suppose.

Grief is a complex thing to go through. Maybe it's just me. But maybe for you too. Particularly when in involves more then one person. This is probably a little difficult to share. But then it occured to me that others may face similar difficulties as well. I don't know... maybe I am alone in this as well.

Usually, I tend to put a brave and strong face to most difficulties. But in this case I thought I'd to come out and be completely honest...

We all have different ways of handling grief. Agree? Usually it works well when we are walking different paths in life. But what if two people are walking the same path together? That's when things get a little complex I guess. Not only in the different ways of handling the grief, but maybe even the whole reaction and emotion toward the grievous situation itself is on two complete different zones. And furthermore having altogether different definitions of what 'grieving' and 'moving on' mean.

How does one agree to disagree in such a situation?
I don't have the answer either.

And after we've said everything that needs to be said. And we go to bed still not knowing how circumstances will unfold the next time round. All is left is a feeling of isolation.

I already know all the textbook answers.

But textbook answers rarely fit well with a complexity.

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  1. Healing takes time and women react differently from men. I remember the time when my son was almost taken away from us. After the trauma, (btw, that was when the first gray hair was spotted,) dad didn't mention it anymore. But I find myself recounting the events over and over again to friends. I tried consciously not to bring up the topic, yet I find myself talking about it.My friends were patient and listen, although they had heard the story over and over again. It's as if I needed to get it out of my system and the talking seemed therapeutic. Finally I find myself not recalling the events. Time heals


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