Friday, August 15, 2008

Activity inside the house

So things are progressing with our house. They've finished plastering the outside of the house.

The workers have now taken the activity inside the house and during our last site visit, we were pleased to see that all tbe cabinets and laminates have been installed.

To help you see the difference, here is a snapshot of what the area looked like BEFORE...

And here's what it looks like NOW.

Unfortunately, I'm now suffering from buyer's remorse. As I walk through the house, I keep thinking repeatedly "Did I make the right colour choice? Did I? Did I???"... Haaaiiiiz.... Everything still looks half done, so some of the things look weird. I seriously hope that when everything comes together, it will look perfect (to me).

They've also just started the tiling for the bathrooms and laundry area which I will have pics of the next time we visit.

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