Friday, July 25, 2008

Will you be my friend?

Tonight I had an amazing time at O2 youth.

Two new kids joined us at cell today. They are both from non-Christian families. Actually believe it or not, one of the kids' parents are Muslims who I had the opportunity to speak to earlier in this evening. The man is a medical doctor by training but is now a businessman. He is very well educated and expressed that he was very open to different religions and letting his son have the chance to learn about various faiths and possibly make his own decision in the future if he wants to.

"The most important thing", said the dad, "is that my son is happy and is able to make friends".

Wow. Such a simple thing. Yet it is the very least thing we can extend our hand to offer. Maybe his son hasn't been able to make many friends at school. And perhaps there hasn't been many avenues or situations for him to socialise and make friends outside school.

"Will your group be able to accept my son?" was another question he had asked another time earlier.

That really struck something in me. Acceptance. Jesus accepted anyone and everyone. He didn't just tolerate them. He welcomed them. He befriended them. Loved them.

I am glad to say that I feel so proud and happy when I observed a couple of the youths in our group welcome these new kids with open arms. All it takes is a smile and simple conversation to make a new person feel like they can belong and be at ease. That's all it takes to sow a seed that could change a life.

I know a couple of youths drop by this space every now and then. So if they are reading this, I just wanted to make sure they knew how significant their simple gesture is and to keep it up! You guys are amazing!

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