Thursday, July 24, 2008


I know... I know... long time no updates.

I have a number of backdated entries yet to post... including latest photos of our house (roof and windows are up!)

Lately I've been feeling very sleepy and have been going to bed pretty early. Cold weather nicer to sleep I guess! So my evenings are a bit shorter, therefore less time to blog and surf.

So will catch up on the backdated posts soon (*fingers crossed*)

Also... have been feeling quite sien lately. Could be that this dull winter weather is taking it's toll. Can't wait for sunny weather again. The other day as I was sitting on the bus on the way to work, I looked out the window and stared the surrounding buildings along the terrace. And I suddenly thought "I'm feeling a bit sick of Perth now... need a change!". A bit drama I know... I couldn't even point out why I felt that way or what kind of change I wanted. Later on I ask hubby where he could take me. But he has no idea either. Sien.

On another train of thought. I realise that it takes quite a strong person to stay happy and cheerful despite the surrounding mood or situation or sad people. Lately I've been victim to somebody's frequent depressed sighings, irritating *tsk* noises, and moody grunts. When you have to face something like that every single day for the past few months, I can testify that it is very much a test of inner strength and character. I'm not sure that it's actually starting to wear a bit thin actually.


  1. got hormonal imbalance?? Forcing your husband to take you out on a date...hahahaha...anyway, you should just do what most woman do...go rent a chick flick and indulge on a tub of haagen daz...

  2. Ya... other people's hormonal imbalance probably getting to me man!

    Chick flick sounds good... Haagen Daz, eeerrrr.... don't tempt me!

  3. aiya... so cliche! i reckon you should go SKY DIVING!!


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