Saturday, July 26, 2008

Old band boy

How refreshing it feels to talk to new people.

Tonight at the Zion Food Fest, I had the opportunity to chat to a single father who brought his three children to the fest. He was originally from India but had migrated to Perth 21 years ago. How he came to find out about our fest was when he was visting Curtin Uni that day with his kids as he was contemplating sending his eldest daughter there, and they saw a poster promoting the fest.

He was an engineer at Western Power designing sub power stations. His daughter was also thinking of doing engineering. And on a similar train of thought many parents had, he was worried that his daughter was doing engineering just to follow her father. I told him about the similar conversation my own dad had with my youngest brother who was doing civil engineering, and just tell her to think it through thoroughly. Either way, engineering is not a bad career choice anyway.

He was looking forward to hearing the band play some music and asked when they were going to begin.

"I really like listening to bands", he said.

"Oh, do your children play any musical instruments?", I asked.

"Yes, but they are not really into it. Actually I used to play a rhythm guitar in my younger days"

"Wow... so you were like a band boy!"

"Yes, you could say that", he said with a chuckle. "Back then, our parents gave us money for basics such as school fees and food, but pocket money we had to earn ourselves. So I got involved in a band and we went around playing to earn some side money"

I thought that was pretty cool. I told him about my uncle who was also a band boy in his younger days and named himself Elvis. He found it very amusing.

"What kind of music did you play in your band", I asked.

"Oh... all sorts of popular music back in those days... the Beatles, Eagles..."

We talked a bit about the Eagles. The Eagles were in concert earlier this year, so I asked him if he was atn the concert.

"Yes! We had very good seats. Six rows from the front!"

"It must have been amazing", I commented.

"Very amazing! Actually I did not plan for that. Initially I bought a normal seat back in the grandstand. $99. But later on my kids were feeling a bit sad because their dad would be going to the concert and they would be left behind. So I went to the ticketec website and found these 6th row seats. $206 per seat! Four seats would add up to close to $1,000. But in the end I decided to get them"

"Well, I think it was worth it. It's also a chance to share your favourite music and childhood memories with your kids", said I.

"Oh definitely. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity as well"

As we wrapped up the conversation, I invited him to bring his kids to our O2 on Fridays.

Interesting conversation, eh?

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