Saturday, June 21, 2008

Whine and complain

This has been a very long week.

At the end of it, I just felt very exhausted and like hardly any energy left to even take on the weekend... and yet another week beginning the following Monday.

In a very short space of 5 days I have endured...

1. Waking up super early in uncomfortably cold winter mornings not once but TWICE this week to run a client conference call based on US time

2. Suffering a very sndiffy, snduffy, shdivery c-c-c-c-cold *kershoo... sniff*

3. Feeling the winter chill set in

4. Having to think what to wear every day that is warm enough but still looks nice. In the end I still have to wear a jacket or coat over anyway. *sigh*

5. Being late for work one morning because the bus was late (or maybe I mixed up the bus times trying to catch a different bus)

6. Finding our kettle broken, so now more ma-fan to make hot drinks

7. Trying to get as much done in my projects before end of financial year, but having to deal with delays, setbacks, changes or plain unresponsiveness

Of course there are some good things that happened to which I will share later. Now I just feel like complaining.

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