Saturday, June 07, 2008

First time making my own bak chang

Earlier this week I was on the phone with my mum and she mentioned that it was bak chang festival this week. Really??? Already??? Sigh... I always have trouble keeping track of the various Chinese festivals. So this time I was determined to make my own bak chang... every year I always say I would, but each time I'd miss the festival. Of course I can make bak chang any time of the year, but I always feel it would be more legitimate to cook particular food or delicacies during the appropriate occasion. Anyway, this year I would do it... albeit it would be a little late, but as they say "better late then never!"

I bought all the ingredients on Friday and started the preparation process of soaking the various ingredients... man, so much soaking to do... the mung beans, the rice, the dried chestnuts, and of course the bamboo leaves...

The next day, I rolled up my sleeves and proceeded the arduous process of preparing the various ingredients for the filling. Anyway I'll skip all the boring details and show all the fillings already prepared, ready for the wrapping process...

And next comes the fun part... wrapping the bak chang!

Actually I was a bit worried about this part. The last time I wrapped bak chang was under my mum's supervision probably 6-7 years ago! I tried to ring my mum to get some tips but unfortunately was unable to get hold of her. So I did some quick research on the internet and found some videos demonstrating the bak chang wrapping process.

After studying the videos and a few practice folds, I decided I was ready.

So here I goooooooo...............

Folding the leaves into a cone shape...

Adding the filling...

Then place in pot to boil for 1 hour...

Not bad eh? (actually I hid the not so nice early attempts behind... but subsequent attempts were much more improved)


The filling consists of pork, black mushroom, dried shrimp, mung beans, chestnuts, and two variations of either:

1. Salted duck egg yolk; or

2. Tau sar (red bean paste)

Phew!!! I did it!!! I really did it!!! This is the first time I made my bak chang on my own. Although it's not perfect (there are a few things I will try and do better next time) I hope you are very proud of me mummy :)


  1. Wow..serene...I take back all my teasing of you not being 'chinese' enough. You never cease to amaze me.

  2. Hey Serene, like I said, my husband and Daylan like to eat the bak chang u made.Daylan ate the other half of the first one Ronald ate, then pleaded for 'more', clung onto Ronald's pants when Ronald was trying to warm the 2nd bak chang, and chased after him, still saying 'more' until Ronald sat down to share with him.
    I also ate the ba chang, and it taste better than it looks!! Must resist not to finish the last 2 coz got to let Ronald, Christopher and Daylan have their share!!! Must cook together when we have the chance!!

  3. Thanks Diana.... very happy that you all liked it! So glad my first attempt turned out to be quite successful :)

    Yes, let's make some more... heaps and heaps and heaps!!! While we still have the enthusiasm to do so... I'll post up the ingredients on my blog to begin with...

  4. ahaha quite yummy-looking ur bak chang.. hope to cya soon nia


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