Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bak Chang Journey: The Ingredients

While the excitement over my bak chang is still burning, I thought it might be interesting to go through a journey of showing the step by step process of how to make bak chang.

My partner in crime will be Diana whose whole family are still hungering for more succulent bak chang.

We’ll start with the ingredients:

Glutinous rice
Bamboo leaves
Rafia string for wrapping

Pork belly or chicken meat
Dried mushrooms
Dried chestnuts
Salted egg yolks
Dried prawns
Mung beans

Chicken stock cubes
Chinese Five Spice powder
Dark soya sauce
Rice wine

Stay tuned for the next step!


  1. Do u get dried chestnut from the Oriental? So the amount of ingredients is subjective? Like if I like lots of meat, I will use more meat etc etc?Diana

  2. Ooohhh... I’m very bad, didn’t really give measurements. But I think it’s generally subjective. Definitely you can put more meat if you want. And can also cook extra filling. If cannot finish, it’s still tasty to eat as a normal dish with rice and veggie.

    Maybe can get about 1kg of pork belly.

    Also, I forgot to mention – alternative to egg yolk, can use tau sar filling instead. Can easily get the already prepared tau sar paste from the oriental shop. About $2 a pack.

    And yes, dried chestnuts get from oriental shop. Don’t get the canned water chestnuts... different.

  3. Chicken stock cubes? What's that for? i don't remember any cubes in my ingredients. All natural taste.


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