Saturday, May 17, 2008

A 'wee' little issue

We had an interesting 'episode' earlier this evening. The nature of this episode caused me to reflect on a memorable entry by my brother on a 'wee' little issue he had with a housemate back when he was studying in Melbourne. Very funny little entry... here is an extract:

"...Anyway, not to be mean... but i am a lil annoyed. i think Bian has a problem with the loo. he has a very bad dick eye coordination when it comes to pissing into the bowl. every morning since the day he arrived, when i go for my morning wee... there is always a spot of urine on the floor, and the worse part is that he never cleans it up..." more

I was probably doubled over with laughter as I read it. Very funny to read about. Not so funny to experience it yourself... not very funny at all in fact. Anyway after the small outburst and some scrambling of tissues, I hunted up this old entry to bring a smile to my face again... you know, get some perspective. There is always a funny side to most unpleasant experiences... even if it is not immediately apparent to the person experiencing it.

My thoughts on the final conclusion to the matter? : Learning to aim should be the basic and most fundamental skill all (real) men should have. This I shall stand by.

Maybe hubby can offer some tutoring lessons for developing this aiming skill?

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