Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tragedy... (continued)

Remember the tragedy of hubby’s stolen wallet?

Very traumatic experience for us – especially for hubby.

Here is a list of some of the items in the wallet that was stolen:
1. Australian driving license
2. Singapore driving license
3. Malaysian driving license
4. Credit cards – Australia, Singapore, Malaysia (super yikes!)
5. Singapore bank ATM cards
6. Cash – approx SG$150 + RM50
7. Photo of his darling wife (also v. important!)

Perhaps that will help you understand why it was very distressing to lose the wallet.

So to resume my story...

After lodging the police report. Hubby returned home dejectedly. There was nothing else to do but hope and pray that the thief tosses the wallet aside after pocketing the cash, and some kind honest person picks it up and reports the wallet found.

But until the last day of our stay in Singapore, we heard nothing. We were forced to board the plane back to Perth and be resigned to the fact that the wallet was gone, and start mentally preparing ourselves for the loads of administrative things we had to do to sort things out when we got back (getting new driving license, ATM cards, taking new photo of wife and all that).

So was that the end?

What do you think?

(*exciting drum roll*)

And the answer is.....

Nooooo... ?

Oops, I mean YES!

Yes, that’s right. There is light at the end of the tunnel.... because two days after we got back to Perth, Mabel, our biz partner back in Singapore rang to tell us that she received a phonecall from a lady who had found hubby’s wallet! The lady had called the number on the back of hubby’s Singapore credit card and explained what happened and read out the name on the card. From there they arranged to get in touch with our local contact in Singapore, which was Mabel of course. Mabel then arranged to meet the lady to collect the wallet from her. We were so amazed and thankful when we heard this!

Our other partner, Robin recently passed the wallet over to hubby when he was in Perth to attend the usher king’s wedding. I can tell you hubby was so happy to be able to hold the wallet in his own hands. He wouldn’t let me finish the story until now after he got back his wallet. Everything was there, except the cash of course. But it was the driving licenses and other ID cards which were the important thing to recover after all.

So just to show you again that this is real and not a dream... here it is:


  1. I reckon Robin took the money : )

  2. cannot be lar.... sure can trust robin wan... or... can it be?

  3. I reckon Mabel took some and Robin took the rest..Next time when u go to Spore, just take (I mean steal) some money from both their wallets. I can help is the plan...use my kids to pretend to play w their wallets and then poof! The money is gone!!!

    on a serious note..happy MH found his wallet - still in one piece And Serene's photo still there as well, I suppose??Diana


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