Saturday, May 31, 2008

Swimming and pisang goreng

I went swimming today.

Hubby goes to his adult swimming class every Saturday. So today I decided to join him. Not for the class, but just to swim a few laps on my own in the pool while he had his class.

It was good to feel pumped after doing a few hard laps... followed by some slow steady strokes in between. I was in the pool for about an hour. After that went I got out, there was still that familiar whoosh heavy feeling when I stepped out of the water back to the world of gravity.

After showering as we were walking back to the car...

"Why are you walking so slowly?" -hubby, slightly annoyed

"Oooh, I'm just enjoying that feeling of gravity... and the soft feeling in my muscles"

"Yeah, I think my leg muscles feel kinda wobbly too"

"I'm not wobbly, I'm just schmooshy" -said I contentedly

"What do you feel like doing now?"

"I feel like eating pisang goreng!"

"Huh? Why?"
-hubby, curiously

"I dunno, just a familiar feeling... when we were kids, every week after swimming at the club, mum will always buy us pisang goreng to eat"

"Aaaahhhh... I see"
-hubby, bracing himself for a reminiscent moment from me

"Yaaaaaa... it was a very comfortable feeling to sit by the beach, freshly showered, munching our hot goreng pisang with our pruny fingers... sniffing the seabreeze, mingled with the smell of chlorine and fried bananas... that is one of the nicest memories... and the pisang was so cheap - 30 sen only!"

"I don't think we can get any pisang goreng around here. Well, not for 30 sen at least"
-hubby, matter of factly

"I know" -me, sadly

I think I will forever always connect swimming with the smell of pisang goreng.

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