Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pork crisis


To be more specific... I just found that we are facing a crisis of a shortage of...


I'm sure many of you have a can or two of Mai Ling pork luncheon meat in your larder. It can be such a lifesaver... if I need something to jazz up my fried rice or fried beehoon, I just chop up some of this and throw in in the pan... or if I need an extra dish at the table, I just slice up a bit of this and fry it up... so many uses!!!

And now today during my regular visit to my neighbourhood asian grocery, I noticed that the entire section on the shelf where the Mai Ling pork luncheon meat usually sat was completely empty. So I asked the lao ban about it. He then told me that there was currently a shortage of pork from China, so supplies of ANY imported pork from China would be scarce.


(Perhaps this has something to do with the recent earthquake in Sichuan? *shrug* haaaaai... so sad!)

So if you still have some Mai Ling luncheon meat in stock, take note and use sparingly until this crisis is over.

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