Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Learning about the Tabernacle

At O2 Youth last Friday, the topic of the evening was on 'The Tabernacle'. Quite a chim topic, and guess who was the faciliator that night? None other but my dear hubby.

He put quite a bit of thought and preparation into the lesson. We are always cracking our heads how to get the youths engaged in the lesson... especially boys! And an activity-based method seems to work well.

So the task for the night was for us to build a model of the Tabernacle. We had heaps of fun and I could tell that the youths really learnt a lot!

The youths were split into three teams and each team was tasked to build a specific section of the tabernacle and become subject experts of their section to present to the rest of the group.

Group 1: Outer Court

Group 2: Inner Court

Group 3: Holy of Holies

The final result... putting it all together

Hope you guys found it fun and educational!

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