Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Glimpse into the future

Have you recently been to an expo or convention? Or even if it wasn't recently, I'm sure you would still remember the crowds, the noise, the different reps harrassing you as you walk by, the heavy load of brochures, tracts, cards you had to lug around everywhere...

Well, I learnt something new recently. Have you ever been to an online expo? I don't mean an expo about the internet... but visiting an actual expo VIA the internet... That's right! Hubby recently signed up to visit a financial expo hosted by Forbes which was hosted live in real time over the internet.

You first step into virtual hall like this... and then you can navigate around through your browser to see the different exhibits.

Then you can zoom closer into a particular exhibit where you can click on website links, download brochures and even start a live chat with a rep.... all online!

There is also a conference room where you can listen to live talks, join a live videoconference or participate in a live forum.

The amazing thing is that this whole expo is in real time from the US, accessible globally by anyone around the world.

Note: I'm not promoting Forbes or this conference in any commercial way. But thought it was quite an interesting thing to share... possibly a glimpse into what the future could be like!

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