Saturday, May 17, 2008

For the mothers

Had a lot of trouble uploading this video of our O2 Youth's practice session for this year's Mothers Day song item. Finally managed to sort it out today.

Presenting, our O2 Youth with this song dedicated to ALL mothers... especially MY VERY OWN dearest mum.

You're just to good to be true
Sucking in all your fat rolls
But mummy I think you look fine
Perfect as you age in time
You may not be Miss Universe
But Michael Jackson is far worse
You have that Ah Lian kind of look
Which literally means you're our cook

I love you mummy more than you'll ever know
You fill my tummy and wash my dirty clothes
And make my school lunch
That makes all my best friends jealous
You always nag and make sure I get A+
Force me to practice violin and piano
But still we love you mummy
Yes we love you mummy

Lyrics: Composed by Sam (O2 Youth)
Tune: Adapted from 'Can't Take My Eyes Off You'

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  1. Not bad. It's funny and I must say they are ingeniuos !


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